Our objective at ProsportLED is to offer athletes and fans an optimal experience when playing and watching sports using the very best LED technology. The sports facilities benefit from the associated energy savings and great customer feedback.

Our Partner relationships with Samjin LED and Gigatera are of mutual respect. Both of these leading Korean LED Companies impress not only with the quality of product and forward-thinking technology, the ethical standards and working conditions for their employees are outstanding. Values that are shared at ProSportLED.

Our Customers benefit in the knowledge that we have done our due diligence in understanding our manufacturer's principles.

At times we are approached by customers looking for the lowest priced products thinking all LED products are alike. We take great satisfaction in demonstrating the fit and finish, quality of materials, sturdiness, and advanced technology available in our products. We welcome side-by-side comparisons with other brands on the market. Very often the customer will have a change of mind and note that we take great pride in the products we bring to our clients.

If you are looking for attention to detail, the highest level of technology, excellent customer service, and a fair price, we are the company for you.

ProSportLED strives to cultivate meaningful relationships and offer full support to our customers, employees, and partners. This environment is an essential part of the success of ProsportLED and its reputation.

We look forward to serving you,


My experience in LED technology and being a former Sports professional put me in a unique position to understand the requirements of Sports lighting.

- Lee J. Witham, President ProSportLED