The Athlete

Question: What does the athlete want to see?
Answer:    The ball, the opponent, & designated playing area

Question:  What does the athlete not want to see?
Answer:   Distractions

Too much light creating shadows
Not enough light on/off light (flicker)
Direct light Glare that’s debilitating vision or causing visual discomfort


Light uniformity throughout the court Certain areas cannot be lighter or darker as this inhibits depth perception. Lights that are too high in Lux levels will also encourage shadows.

Non-Glare or indirect lighting Reducing light/dark conflict is essential but sometimes complicated, lower output combined with multiple fixtures is ideal. However, this is not always financially viable. Introducing indirect or diffused light is the best solution.*

* Sports played with a white ball against a dark ceiling or night sky should focus on the illumination of the playing surface and partially be lighting the area above play and not aligning light in sightline