The Facility owner

Question: What are the priorities for the facility owner/manager?
Answer: Quality, durability, low running cost and valued by the customer.

Question: What does the facility owner/manager not want to see?
Answer: High maintenance, high energy cost, causing disruption to nearby residents, inhibiting customer enjoyment.

High maintenance – Changing of bulbs, hiring of scaffold, labor and injury risk to labor.
Energy costs Generally LED light fixtures to save 50-75% over previous lighting systems like fluorescent, HID and halogen and are not a solid state like LED
Customer value It is assuring to your customer that you are providing the best technology either in increasing levels of enjoyment or that you are cognizant of energy costs and aware of the environmental impact.
Disruption to nearby residents – Over illuminating a space can be very disrupting to nearby residents, for instance, a football/soccer field is very often guilty of light pollution because of incorrect installation procedures.