Ice Hockey

Excellent light uniformity with the ProSportLED Impact resistant/vapor proof light

Ice Hockey is one of the fastest sports in the World with the puck moving at speed up to 170 km/h. Given the texture of the ice, it is essential that the lighting does not create glare and reflect off the ice and inhibit vision. Being able to view the puck and team uniforms is a must for the spectators with the entertainment value being enhanced. Gone are the days of metal halides creating shadows and glare off of the ice surface.

Figure Skating will benefit from the clarity that LED lighting has to offer. Spectators and judges can see, in more detail, the athlete's high technical proficiency on display. Safety for casual skaters is also enhanced with the ice surface being illuminated with great uniformity.

Product specifications:

  • Wattage 79 watts
  • Color temperature 5000k
  • Lumens 12,827 lm
  • Driver and LED Chip Samsung
  • IP Rating IP66
  • Mounting options Surface or Pendant
  • Connection options End-to-end or side-by-side
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