Outdoor / Indoor Tennis

Outdoor Tennis - Asymmetric Lens Technology

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The ProSportLED LED outdoor Tennis products are available from 200w for local tennis facilities to 1,000w for Pro level stadium courts.

  • 145 lm/W luminous efficiency
  • High-power LED light with middle power chip and reflector technology
  • Great light distribution and thermal design with good natural convection
  • Dimming control using wireless communication (ZigBee)
  • Lower installation costs by replacing existing lamps
  • Compatible with the GeSS System for scheduling of sunrise/sunset and on/off times


Indoor Tennis - Sirius LED non-glare lighting

The visual objective of indoor tennis is to ensure excellent visibility enabling both players to follow the path of the ball. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be visible. In the past, the light was directed to a white ceiling to reflect back indirectly. This requires a tremendous amount of output to achieve the objective. The typical light fixture being 400 watts and above, needless to say, high energy bills are gauranteed.

Our Sirius LED non-glare lighting products offer an indirect light, and the 79-watt fixture is installed in a continuous line on both sides of the court surface. Forming good visibility and sufficient contrast between objects and their backgrounds, presenting good illumination levels and even distribution of light across the playing surface.



Each Sirius product is vapor proof and impact resistant.

  • Wattage 79 watts
  • Color temperature 5000k
  • Lumens 12,827 lm
  • Driver and LED Chip Samsung
  • IP Rating IP66
  • Mounting options Surface or Pendant
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