Edge-Lit Technology for the Squash court

Edge-Lit technology is commonly used as a backlight in LED televisions, tablets, and mobile phones. We have worked closely with the leading manufacturer of LED backlights to provide what we believe is optimal light for the Squash court. 

Edge-Lit technology will eliminate glare and enhance light uniformity throughout the court; this is essential for a fast-moving sport like Squash. We recommend 5000k to provide a ‘Daylight’ feel but without the glare. 

A lesson can be learned from your LED tv, do you want more light or more clarity? Our LED lighting will illuminate the actual colors you want to see.


Flicker Test

Product specifications:

  • Non-Glare Lighting with Edge-lit technology
  • Up to 75% Energy Savings over conventional fluorescent court lighting
  • DLC Certification for State Energy Rebates
  • Strengthened Polycarbonate Lens for ball impact protection
  • Available in various sizes
  • Fixtures are only 2.24 inches in height, ideal for installations with height restrictions.

Our Squash lighting products can be installed in drywall, drop ceilings and pendant hung.

screenshot nortonled