Light Pollution in Sports

An all too common question when Sports facilities purchase lighting is the efficiency of the product. Yet, if the product does not only illuminate the area in question but the surrounding area too, the objective is not achieved and we have an inefficient product.

Light Pollution is a concern for residents that live in the vicinity of Sports facilities

Light pollution is very often caused by inefficient, unappealing, or unnecessary use of light. Specific categories of light pollution include light trespass, over-illumination, glare, and sky-glow. A single offending light source often falls into more than one of these categories.

Light cut-off is essential to residents in neighboring areas of Sports facilities

ProSportLED use LED products that feature a full cut-off beam with unique reflector technology. This solution minimizes light pollution and maximizes the useful lumens on the court or field. The reflector technology also eliminates visors that cause concern with wind load on poles when replacing and in operation.

Using reflector technology ensures that the athletes can focus on the game and the spectators can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.

Accurately directed light is paramount
When looking to the night sky we see a great example of illumination with limited light pollution